Baltimore Inner Harbor


Lab Priorities

The Foster lab is currently looking for exceptional candidates with strengths in the following skill sets:

  • Bioinformatics: Demonstrated ability to extract value from global scale -omics data. Experience with the R software environment is preferred.
  • Likewise experience with SpotfireTM, GeneSpringTM, Ingenuity PathwaysTM, or comparable software packages would be an asset.
  • Analyses include primary component analysis, gene-set enrichment, clustering, network and/or pathway analysis, interactome networks, among others.
  • Proteomics: Experience in protein biochemistry, including protein expression, purification, binding, kinetics, and micro-scale peptide handling for mass spectrometry.
  • Molecular/Cell Biology: Experience with cloning, PCR, viral transduction, gene editing (CRISPRs, TALENS), cell imaging, signal transduction.
Postdoctoral Positions

Currently, the Foster lab is only accepting candidates who are fully-funded.

Watch this space, as this condition is subject to change as lab funding permits.

Priority will be given to candidates with a strong publication record and effective communication skills.

Therefore, at present, consideration is given to:

  • Strong candidates with a clear and verifiable source of funding for at least 2 years.
  • Exceptional candidates with strong prospects for fellowship awards. Candidates are encouraged to apply in the last year of their graduate studies. Selected candidates would be expected to write and submit a postdoctoral fellowship prior to arrival. The position would be contingent on award of the fellowship.
  • Exceptional candidates who are American citizens, and who may, therefore, be eligible for support from a Johns Hopkins T32 training grant.